J. Bryan Phillips

Bryan Phillips became the Chief Technology Officer for Hoover City Schools in 2010. As CTO, he provides visionary leadership and has the ability to articulate that vision in all areas of technology. Bryan successfully leads a team of administrators , technology integrationists and technicians in support of the district’s Engaged Learning Initiative.

Bryan was an integral part of developing, implementing, and supporting the cutting-edge 1:1 computing initiative in Hoover City Schools. The Engaged Learning Initiative (ELI) is a 1 to 1 instructional technology project that aims to empower students with 21st-century tools and skills for learning, creating, and collaborating. In an effort to increase access to those 21st-century skills, Bryan and Hoover City Schools made it a goal to offer students 24/7 accessibility as a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for college and the workplace.

Bryan often references that each decision he makes is based on his son, Harrison. His passion in education has always revolved around the student. After all, he was a teacher first. If it is good for students, it is a good decision. As a leader, he pushes his team to think bigger and out of the box. Bryan is the type of leader that drives you professionally to work harder, be innovative and redefine educational practices. He focuses on the relationships he has with his team, administrators, staff, and peers. The relationships are what make his staff a team.